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Mississippi Library Association reviews "Fresh Frozen" and recommends the novel for public libraries

Fresh Frozen North, Darden. Fresh Frozen. Jackson, MS: Ponder House Press, 2008. 344 pp. $26.95 (hardcover) Fresh Frozen is the author’s third mystery set in Jackson, Mississippi. Readers will be taken behind the medical scenes of the Van Deman Reproductive Center, a lucrative facility that provides advanced technology in the process of frozen embryos. The four main characters – Wesley and Carrie Sarbeck, Cheryl Choice, and Allyn Saxton – all are individuals who desperately want to have children and are turning to the reproductive center for help. Unfortunately, their desperation collides in a plot filled with murder, deceit, and even the larceny of frozen embryos. North does an excellent job of detailing the precise work behind human reproductive technology. Readers may find themselves comparing the book to today’s media attractions such as the Octomom, Jon and Kate Plus 8, and other celebrities who are seeking assistance from fertility clinics. The jargon is easy to read and, since

FRESH FROZEN by Darden North reviewed by the Mississippi Library Association

Darden North's third mystery and suspense novel, FRESH FROZEN , was recently reviewed by the Mississippi Library Association and is recommended for public libraries. This is the link to the published review: